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Canyoneering Waterproof Metal Phone Case Shell for iPhone 7/8 (Silver)
Canyoneering Waterproof Metal Phone Case Shell for iPhone 7/8 (Silver)

Canyoneering Waterproof Metal Phone Case Shell for iPhone 7/8 (Silver)

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This is a waterproof, anti-pressurephone case, dust-proof: diving waterproof level, triple protection, tempered-glass, metal shell, inner layer of silicone pressure: zinc Alloy material with high quality anti-pressure resistance Dust: with fully sealed performance, so that your phone spotless.


- Color: Silver.
- Material: Leather.
- Size: Approx. 15.7 x 8.4 x 1.8cm.
- Dive deeper-submersible to 13 feet for 4 hours: protects your cell phone under 13ft deep water for 4 hours utmost, so you can drive deeper and longer.
- Ride faster-sealed from dirt + dust: muddy trails, dusty deserts, sandy beaches-take your cell phone to different kinds of adventure with no worries.
- Go further-closed to snow + ice: keeps snow and ice out when you are shredding the slopes, letting you capture epic shots and crank your personal soundtrack on downhill runs .
- Built-in screen cover for touchscreen defense, tough, all-protective designed.
- Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens, slim, sleek profile follows your phone's precision lines
- Functions: 1. Waterproof protection up to 13 feet in 4 hours utmost 2. Buttons: this case is a complete sealed case and some side buttons can be used, included power switch button, volume button, home button and full touch screen access, it also can be charged and listen to music 3. Voice: due to waterproof performance requirements, phone call voice would be a little bit lower recommended to use maximum volume adjustment, Bluetooth device or headphone to get better sound 4. Water test according to the user manual before placing phone in the case or before you take it to swimming pool, beach or anywhere has water