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Rocner Ambassadorship

You are hand picked as one of the first people to test out the Rocner Ambassadorship. Review the details below and let me know your thoughts.

Use the Promo Code: “ROCNERAMBASSADOR!” or Promo Link:! To get 100% off your order of one item of ROCNER Branded Gear (!

  • (If you would prefer other gear off the site let me know and we can discuss a discount.)

What ROCNER asks for in return for free ROCNER Branded Gear.

(Before agreeing to the ambassadorship).

  • Feedback on the site and checkout process (You will need to enter payment info but will not be billed).
  • Feedback on quality of product. (Printing, material, quality, etc.)
  • Impressions on shipping automated updates, shipping materials, packaging slips (if any), etc.

What you can offer your network.

  • If you are pleased with the product and would like to be a brand ambassador, ROCNER would love to set you up with your own promo code or link to share with your followers for 25% off any items in the store with a minimum purchase of $20.

What ROCNER can offer you.

  • Based on your sales tracked through your code ROCNER will offer you incentives. 
    • Gift cards for use in the store.
    • Commission cash kick backs.
  • Happy to pay it forward in features on our social media accounts when you tag @rocnercanyongear or @rocnercanyoneeringgear on Facebook.

What you agree to upon accepting the ambassadorship.

  • As an ambassador ROCNER would require you to post the promo code at least once per month on your popular accounts (Log term permanent post - ie. not just a story).
  • ROCNER would require you to simply tag @rocnercanyongear on instagram or @rocnercanyoneeringgear on Facebook in 33% of any canyoneering photography you post (not trying to be overly spammy).
  • ROCNER would ask you to highlight the promo code in your profile description if it is fitting on your popular accounts.
  • Any further promotion of the code and the brand is greatly appreciate and not limited!

Let us know your thoughts!

@bradentobler & @rocnercanyongear

* Please be aware that most of these products, like many out there, comes from outside of the United states. Products can take 12-20 days on average or up to 40+ days to be delivered during the holiday season.