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Efficient Canyoneering Tips For Fast & Safe Canyoning

In canyoneering, small inefficiencies add up over the course of a trip and can really slow down a group’s progress.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you become a more efficient canyoneer. These aren’t aimed at beginners but at more experienced canyoneers. Instead of focusing on increasing their speed and efficiency, those who are relatively new at canyoneering are better off concentrating on learning and perfecting their technical skills and rope work, mastering how to use their canyoneering gear and technical devices as well as understanding how the canyon rating system works.

These tips are meant for experienced, proficient canyoneers looking to gain speed, especially when tackling longer or harder canyons.

  1. Make use of a rope bag.

Using canyoneering specific rope bags ensures your rope remains untangled and that your gear stays clean, saving you time on your trips. Some bags even have hidden pockets so you can easily stash away things like your keys or cash.

  1. Ensure everyone suits up at the same time.

Once the group gets to a spot where one person has to put on a harness or wetsuit, everyone else should follow suit. This saves a great deal of time instead of waiting for everyone to suit up individually later on.

  1. Wading through pools is faster and more efficient.

Getting your feet wet might not be the most comfortable feeling but it’s sometimes inevitable. It’s also much faster to wade through a pool sometimes than looking for ways to hop, climb, stem or otherwise get over it.

  1. Concentrate on your rappel.

When it comes to rappelling, give it your full attention. Pausing to chat not only wastes time but also breaks your concentration, making it easy for you to mess up. Pay attention to what you’re doing and you’ll have no course for regret later.

  1. The strongest in the group carries more.

In the spirit of fairness, you should split your group gear in such a way that the strongest person carries more. Ensuring everyone is comfortable with the weight they’re carrying makes it easier to maintain group pace- with no one lagging behind or pulling too far ahead.

  1. If unsure about a drop, rappel down.

When you come to a drop and you’re unsure whether to downclimb or rappel, choose the latter. Otherwise, you might waste valuable time as members of your party downclimb, get stranded, climb back up and repeat the process.

  1. Bring sufficient ropes.

The general rule of thumb is if you’re a group of 3 or less, bring enough rope for the largest rappel. If you’re more than 3 and tackling a canyon with multiple rappels, estimate one rope for every 2-3 group members.

Finally, efficient canyoneering calls for functional canyoneering gear that you can rely on and that’s something we at ROCNER Canyoneering Gear can help with. We stock a wide array of canyoneering technical devices, gear and accessories all at affordable prices so you can enjoy your favorite sport without breaking the bank.