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6 Things To Look For In Responsible Canyoneering Crew Members

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced canyoneer, there are some basics you need to adhere to. One of these is that you never head to the canyons on your own. Canyons are ever changing in nature and heading out alone is just asking for trouble. You could run into any number of challenges and issues out there and require assistance so it’s always advisable to go as a party of 2 or more people.

That being said, you just can’t grab anyone off the street and make them part of your canyoneering crew. They need to have certain qualities to make the cut. Remember you’ll be taking part in an activity that could turn dangerous so you need the right people with you.

Here are things to look out for when choosing canyoneering crew members:

They have the requisite technical skills

Canyoneering is a technical sport and having crew members with the necessary technical skills is vital if you want your trip to be a success. Your crew members should have good anchoring and rappelling skills and should know basic rope work, belaying, rigging, spotting, etc.

They’re experienced

Getting someone experienced in canyoneering is important especially if you’re a beginner. Descending into canyons as a group of novices is a recipe for disaster, even if you have the skills for it. Always ensure one of your crew members has enough experience for the kind of canyon you’ll be tackling. Knowledge of the area also doesn’t hurt.

They know first aid.

As we’ve said before, several things can go wrong during a canyoneering adventure so it’s wise to have someone in the party who knows basic first aid. You never know when those skills might come in handy.

They respect the environment.

Go canyoneering with people who not only care about the thrills but the environment as well. This involves adhering to canyoneering ethics such as leaving no trace, proper waste disposal, respecting other canyoneers and having minimal impact on the environment.

They’re physically fit.

Canyoneering is a physically demanding sport that involves lots of hiking, climbing, rappelling and swimming on occasion. Partnering with people who are physically fit makes the whole trip easier on everyone. You don’t want to be saddled with someone who can’t keep up with the rest especially if time is of the essence.

They have a sense of humor.

Like in every other adventure, having a sense of humor is a plus in canyoneering. There might not be a lot of talking along the way, but having someone who knows how to lighten the mood can really brighten the whole trip and make things more enjoyable.

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